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Top 10 Flex Explorers


Visually discover Adobe Flex components, styles, effects, charts using these explorers


1. Flex Style Explorer

Style any component, control or container online using this Flex Style Explorer, evaluate it visually and export what appeals to you as a Flex CSS and use it in your projects.

Flex Style Explorer used by many sites like flexdownloads.com

 Flex Style Explorer


2. Flex Component Explorer

What is that Flex component used for? What is the MXML Syntax? Most commonly used properties? Example usage? Effects, Charts, Visual Components, PrintControls, Advanced DataGrids, Validators, Formatters, States, Transitions, OLAP Datagrids, any components…this component explorer will let you best understand how to use a component with the right example.

Flex Component Explorer

Flex Component Explorer


3. Flex Chart Sampler

Explore different types of charts in Flex, try out there properties online and discover the right chart and settings for your data visualization.

Flex Charts ExplorerCharts Sampler


4. Flex Primitives Explorer

Create primitive shapes like Star, Burst, Polygon, Gear, Wedge and Arc with MXML or Actionscript using the examples on this website.

 Flex primitive shapes

Primitive Explorer


5. Flex Enhanced Button Skin Explorer

Going Bananas trying to style a Button? Use the enhanced button skin and discover many styling options for this skin with the Enhanced Button Skin Explorer.

enhanced button skin

Enhanced Button Skin Explorer


6. Flex Distortion Effects Explorer

Flip, Rotate, Push, Pop and more effects stylable using distortion and duration properties for that wow factor on show/hode of containers and images.

Distortion effects explorer

Distortion Effects Explorer


7,8,9 and 10 Flex Easing Functions  Explorer

Try out different easing functions using this interactive explorer. Discover differences between linear, quadratic, quintic, cubic, elastic, exponential, bounce and many other easing functions that Flex offers out of the box.

Flex easing functions explorer

 Easing Functions Explorer



The material in this post has been made possible with information sharing from FlexDownloads.com

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