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Top 10 Flex and AIR Applications

December 25, 2009 Leave a comment


A website made in flex and for other flex websites. is a marketplace to buy and sell Adobe Flex and AIR components like slideshows, preloaders, ecommerce components, user interface components etc. Smart UI, intutive navigation and cool Flex components make this a standard for what Flex applications can be and should be.

Marketplace to buy and sell Flex components like preloader, slideshow, maps, google checkout, paypal checkout, amazon, flickr, tweeter, chartsFlex Components Marketplace –

2. Ebay Desktop

Bid and buy on Ebay with this Adobe AIR desktop. Create a watch list, subscribe to feeds and alerts or save your search queries. The desktop crossed 1 million in downloads in 2009 and works almost as great as the website.

Ebay Desktop AIR applicationEbay Desktop AIR Application

3. Craig’s List Desktop

Interesting, intuitive and user friendly front for the immensely popular Craigslist. The visually minded users will greatly appreciate the ability to better view the listings in a more pictorial fashion and the ability to save the searches. This application cannot be used to add a new listing or update an existing one.

Craig's List desktopCraig’s List Desktop AIR Application

4. Tweet Deck

TweetDeck is an AIR application that lets you connect to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace from your desktop. Composing a message from Tweetdeck is simple. You can add multiple accounts for any of these social networking sites. Avid twitter users can manage there twitter lists and even setup a Tweetdeck account that allows them to synchronize with iPhone. The app can hide on your desktop so that you can tweet unobtrusively and unnoticed.

Tweet Deck AIR Application for Twitter


Online photo sharing and image editing from Adobe combines the Photoshop capabilities with Flex RIA functionality at Some would argue that this fantastic site should not have qualified for this list since it is by Adobe itself, but even the detractors will appreciate this made-in-flex site which not only shows the confidence Adobe has in Flex but also exhibits its many capabilities. A treat for the eyes of a casual user and a stimulant for those who are artistically inclined. You will need a free Adobe id to access this website. – Online Image editing


MS Word, Star Office, Google Docs may offer more functionality to an expert user, but pale in comparison to when it comes to usability. For the casual office docs user offers the ability to create documents, presentations, tables and pdf’s online with your Adobe ID account. Free of charge of course, special effects included. Our interest in this website of course is that it exhibits the difference between an HTML based application on the web like Google docs and a flex based application. The results are for you to judge after careful evaluation, but in my humble opinion, is not just a lot easier to use that Google docs, it pretty much offers the same functionality and looks so much more better. office productivity – Online Office Productivity Documents


Even Four year olds can navigate this made-in-flex website and get to there favorite characters videos, games, stories and activities. If they managed to get to Little Einstein’s in under 2 minutes then it is not just because they are smart, but more so because Disney choose the right technology, architecture, designers and developers in building this website. Even grownups will appreciate the looks and usability of this website.

Disney kid's – Education and Fun

8. Agile Agenda

Agile Agenda is an AIR application for Project Management. It takes a more lightweight and collaborative approach to project or program management and is based on the agile philosophy. Most project scheduling solutions take too much time to create the schedule and keep it current but with

Project management for agile productsAgile Agenda – Intuitive Project Management Online

9. Picnik

Online photo editing company uses Flex technology to fix underexposed photos, remove red eye or apply special effects to your photos on Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, MySpace ot Photobucket .

Picnik photo editing onlinePicnik – Online Editing of Images


World TV is a new concept in the world of web video. It empowers anyone, anywhere to become there own media mogul. With WorldTV, you can create a full-screen web TV channel in seconds that reflects your own interests, ideas or personality. The website uses Flex components bound together with HTML and javascript.

World TVWorld TV – Your own TV channel online